The astonishing details truly, has fascinated many people around the world to the great depth of the sea. The varied diversity in flora and fauna with the adaptations of the sea life makes this world the largest ecosystem on this planet. Oceans and Sea with different climatic conditions and geography coupled with habitation in and around takes us to the infinite vistas of research and study.

Portraying interesting facts about different sea animals, they are like sea whales, sharks, seahorses, dolphins, deep sea fishes, marine plants, micro-organisms, marine products is the major objective of the site. Deep sea explorations,Deep sea research has been categorically sorted out for reference. A collection of deep sea pictures and wallpapers will truly render you to the facts about sea-life if you are unknown about the mesmerizing beauty under the sea. Sea otters and sea lions in their sea caves have been one of the interesting part of study for the scientists. Other topics include the study on sea turtles  and sea birds, octopus  etc. Their migration and adaptations to Sea life gives a different dimension to the study of evolution. Sea shells ,sponges, corals, sea cucumbers, are a beauty to watch in the sea.